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Aluminium Bottles

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    • 15/2023/Feb

    Sustainlable packaging:Aluminium bottles+Leak-free, all-plastic lotion pumps are recyclable

    As is know,our aluminium bottles is sustainable package,which is 100% recyclable.Now our bottles could matchs with all plastic pumps. which is Designed for soaps, lotions, ointments, skin cleansers, sunscreens, moisturizers and more, ou“All-Plastic” Lotion Pumps feature a distinctive visual sty...

    • 27/2022/Dec

    What are the advantages of aluminum packaging bottles

    1. Aluminum packaging materials have excellent mechanical properties and high strength Therefore, the aluminum packaging container can be made into a thin-walled, high compressive strength, and unbreakable packaging container. In this way, the safety of the packaged product is reliably guaranteed...

    • 21/2022/Dec

    Why aluminum packaging bottles become the general trend

    Product packaging is the overall name of containers, materials and auxiliary materials used according to certain technical methods in order to protect products during circulation, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales; it also refers to the use of containers, materials and auxi...