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Aluminium bottles solution

Aluminium bottles

Aluminium has a long tradition as a packaging material not least because of its outstanding barrier properties. While some beverages have been filled in glass or plastic bottles, others have relied on aluminium cans for a long time. Everflare metal packaging now combines the advantages of both approaches with its new range of aluminium bottles. In comparison to plastic bottles, aluminium bottles have higher barrier properties and are significantly easier to recycle. Unlike glass bottles, aluminium bottles are both lighter and shatter-proof, which makes them ideal for online retailing and shipping. Beyond these more practical reasons, our aluminium bottles naturally attract attention!

For more than15 years, Everflare Aluminum Packaging Co., Ltd. has provided many of the most well-known companies in the world with customized aluminum packaging solutions that have met their demands and expectations. Everflare Packaging mainly produces aluminum aerosol bottles, aluminum aerosol bottles, aluminum pump bottles and aluminum spray bottles, etc.

What Aluminum Bottle Do We Offer?

Aluminium Thread Bottles

Depending on your needs, our aluminum bottles' capacities can range from 10 ml to 30 l. Aluminum bottles are now widely used by businesses to package their products. Aluminum Thread Bottles have been utilized in a variety of industries, including the packaging of food and beverages, everyday chemicals, and home care goods.

The typical aluminum bottle capacities (in fluid ounces) are: 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz, 24 oz, 25 oz, and 32 oz.

Aluminum bottles often come in sizes of 30, 50,100, 150, 250, 500, 750, 1 liter, and 2 liters (in milliliters). 

Everflare packaging is a professional aluminum bottle manufacturer, aluminum bottle supplier, aluminum bottle wholesale in china.

Aluminium cosmetic bottles 

Aluminium dropper bottles

Aluminium Lotion bottles 

Aluminium triggers bottles 

Aluminium caps bottles 

Aluminium spray bottles

Aluminium beverage bottles 

Aluminium water bottles 

Coke Aluminium bottles

Energy Shot Aluminium drinks bottles

Aluminium wine bottles  

Aluminium Vodka bottles 

Aluminium perfume bottles 

Aluminium essential oil bottles

Aluminium engine Oil bottles 

Aluminium chemical bottles

 Aluminium liquior bottles

Aluminium bottles for fragrance

Mini aluminium bottles 

Aluminium aerosol bottles

Aluminium aerosol can is produced by the impact extrusion process using 99.5 % pure aluminium sheet. These cans are consumer-friendly and provide high standards of safety and hygiene.
A major quantity of aerosols can goes to the cosmetic market followed by pharmaceutical, industrial and other miscellaneous sectors. The cosmetic applications include packaging of Perfumes & Health Hygiene products like body deodorants, perfume sprays, room fresheners, shaving foams, hair colours, car air fresheners and many more.
EVERFLARE PACKAGING is a China based company dedicated in the developing, manufacturing and selling of aluminium aerosol cans. All the products meet European FEA standard and US FDA standard. The aluminium cans comes with diameter from 22 mm to 66mm, and height from 58 mm to 280mm.

Standard Size
In comformity with FEA Standards.
Pressure Resistance :
12 bar = 170 P.S.I. or 18 bar = 260 P.S.I.
Base coated and Printed in up to 8 colours.

Can Diameter


Min height


Max height







































Aluminium Bottle Cans

Aluminium bottle can is the latest technology of beverage packaging,with 100% recyclable,reusable and cooler longer,create mouth fill and pouring experience.Which is characterized by the integral formation through stretched aluminum materials and the smooth delicate bottle body line, displaying the noble temperament. Its imaginative print design makes it easy to attract people’s attention and stimulate consumers’ purchase desire. It is compatible with the advantages of “ring-pull cans” and “plastic bottles”: environmental protection, protection, portability, easy transportation, easy cooling and heating and re-encapsulation. Besides, it has alleviated the drinking burden of “ring-pull cans” and non-resistance to light of “plastic bottles”. The cap can be easily tightened for multiple times, the drinks can be stored well. Its body can be easily held and it can be easily poured into the bag. The 38mm large-calibre bottle that can satisfy the sense of smell instantly emits a fragrance when the lid is opened, and emphasizes the initial impression of a coffee, tea and other flavored beverages.

200ml Aluminium Bottle Can



Height: 132.6mm

Body Diameter: 53mm

Neck:38mm Ropp cap

250ml Aluminium Bottle Can



Height: 157mm

Body Diameter: 53mm

Neck:38mm Ropp cap

250ml Aluminium Bottle Can



Height: 123.7mm

Body Diameter: 66mm

Neck:38mm Ropp cap

280ml Aluminium Bottle Can



Height: 132.1mm

Body Diameter: 66mm

Neck:38mm Ropp cap

330ml Aluminium Bottle Can



Height: 146.6mm

Body Diameter: 66mm

Neck:38mm Ropp cap

300ml Aluminium Bottle Can



Height: 133.2mm

Body Diameter: 66mm

Neck:38mm Ropp cap

400ml Aluminium Bottle Can



Height: 168.1mm

Body Diameter: 66mm

Neck:38mm Ropp cap


  • Protection – block out 100 percent of light and oxygen, tamper-resistant and tamper-evident
  • Promotion – provide a large, 360-degree billboard, stands out at the point-of-sale
  • Portable – lightweight, unbreakable and easy to hold, so they can go anywhere consumers go
  • Quick chilling – get cold faster and stay colder longer
  • Easier, cost-effective to transport – lightweight, stackable and have a high cubic efficiency
  • Sustainable – 100 percent recyclable, can be recycled infinitely with no loss of quality
  • Versatile – available in many shapes and sizes, including bottles
  • Innovative – always evolving with new shapes, sizes, graphics and technologies

Other Customized Shape and neck bottles

Reduce plastic consumption with these personalized aluminum bottles with all your ideas. With these aluminum bottles you will be able to show an image of your brand related to caring for the environment and its respective protection. In addition, with the different models of aluminum bottles that we have on our website, you will surely find the ideal one to personalize with your logo, your designs or images. A special way to promote your brand.

Aluminum bottle with plastic thread 

Customized aluminium spray bottles

Craft aluminium beer bottles

 aluminium beer bottles

Custom aluminium bottles

 Aluminium powder shake bottles 

Please feel free to contact us through email if you have any queries about the customer aluminum bottles. We have experts that are always ready to assist you and will contact you back within 24 hours to tell you about the possibility of customizing your aluminum bottle price.

Which markets we serves ?

Food & beverages

Including solutions for water, soft drinks, beers, wines and spirits,coffee and etc.



Including solutions for pet food, and pet care and health

Health & Nutrition

Including solutions for vitamins and supplements, OTC, prescription drugs and infant formula


Home Care & Industrial

Including solutions for household cleaners, industrial disinfectants and automotive care

Beauty & Personal Care

Including solutions for body sprays, body washes, lotions, and hair products,hand wash,essential oils and etc.

Why Choose Everflare ?

years experience in aluminum packaging manufacturing
aluminum packaging product styles
infinitely recyclable aluminum material

Why Use aluminium bottles ?

Aluminum is a lightweight and durable metal – there are bottles out there that are still being used after 30 years! There are seven reasons why you should consider using aluminum bottles over others.


Aluminum bottles can be printed in 360 degrees, and various printing processes offer designers a vast space for creativity. In a homogeneous packaging market, printed aluminum bottles make it easier to attract customers’ attention on the shelf and increase brand exposure.


Aluminum has a higher heat transfer rate than iron, which is why it’s common to use aluminum bottles for drinks. As a result, aluminum bottles are very suitable as cold drink containers, such as beer and beverages.


Aluminum is one of the lightest metals available in the market. These bottles are easy to transport, store and recycle; therefore, consumers prefer them over other bottles. The portability of the aluminum bottle is also highly convenient for consumers to carry the product.

 >> Formable

Aluminum is a soft and durable composition material that can be molded into any form or size as per your preferences, enhancing shelf differentiation, quickly responding to changing market trends, and making the development cycle shorter.

 >> Protective

Aluminum bottles have a durable and seamless metal appearance that makes them an excellent choice for any liquid. In addition, they provide extra protection to your beverages and healthcare products from oxygen and moisture. These are two things dangerous enemies in the food and beverage industry because they can cause spoiling bacteria, mold growth, discoloration, and even slimy textures in your favorite drinks like beer or wine.

 >> Recycle & Environmental

One of the critical differences between aluminum bottles and other materials is the ability to be recycled, and this property makes aluminum a better choice than its other counterparts. Recycle represents the environment. Using aluminum bottles means contributing to environmental protection. Let us Say Plastic Goodbye.

If your company wants to move towards to sustainable practices, using recycled aluminum bottles can be an excellent idea.

 >> Anti-Counterfeiting

Because of aluminum bottles are more difficult to produce than plastic and glass bottles, aluminum bottles can improve the appearance of the product and increase the difficulty of counterfeiting by others.

You can find more advantages in the following article.

Other Things About Aluminium

What is Aluminum?

Aluminum (Aluminium) – a silver-white, soft metal, noted for lightness, high reflectivity, high thermal conductivity, high electrical conductivity, nontoxicity, and corrosion resistance. Aluminum is the most abundant metallic element, comprising 1/12th of the earth’s crust. However, it is never found in nature as an elemental metal but only combined with oxygen and other elements. In ordinary language, aluminum often means aluminum alloy.

Among all kind of metal materials, aluminum wins out either because its properties and performance are superior or because fabrication techniques enable the finished product to be manufactured at a competitive cost. The usage of aluminum continues to increase and expand; new markets such as the automotive sector are beginning to recognize its true unparalleled benefits.

Where and how to get aluminum?

Bauxite, a mineral mined from the earth is the major source of aluminum. The bauxite is crushed and sprayed with water, clay and silica removed, and then kiln-dried, and mixed with soda ash and crushed lime. The mixture is then processed in a digester, then reduced under pressure and sent to a settling tank where additional impurities are removed.

After filtering, cooling, and further processing in a precipitator, the mixture is thickened and filtered once more before being heated in a calcinating kiln. The resultant material is alumina, a powdery chemical combination of oxygen and aluminum.

Key Characteristics of aluminum

Aluminum when used in sheet, coil or extruded form has a number of advantages over other metals and materials. Where as other materials may offer some of the beneficial characteristics of aluminum, they cannot provide the full range of benefits that aluminum can. Aluminum extruding is a versatile metal-forming process that enables designers, engineers, and manufacturers to take full advantage of a wide array of physical characteristics:

Light Weight:

Aluminum has a specific gravity of 2.7 and weighs only 0.1 pounds per cubic inch. It is lighter than most other metals. Lightweight aluminium is easier to handle and less expensive to transport, and when used in the transport sector it can yield significant benefits in reducing fuel usage.


Aluminum profiles can be made as strong as needed for most applications. When temperature falls, it becomes even stronger, so it is most commonly used material in cold area

Corrosion resistance:

The excellent corrosion resistance of aluminum is due to the presence of a thin, hard protective film of aluminum oxide that bonds tenaciously to the surface. This occurs naturally and can reach a thickness of 0.2 millionths of an inch. Further protection can be done by applying paint or an anodize finish. It does not rust like steel.


Aluminum can be easily formed or reworked into another shape. Aluminum combines strength with flexibility and can flex under loads or spring back from the shock of impact. There are a wide variety of different processes to rework aluminum, the more common ones are: extrusion, rolling, forging, and drawing.


Aluminum can be recycled at a fraction of the initial production costs. It can be recycled over and over without losing any of its characteristics. This appeals to the manufactures, end uses and environmental consortiums.

Appealing Appearance:

Aluminum has an inherent advantage over most other metals because of its attractive appearance and good corrosion resistance. There are many different finishing techniques that can be used. The more common ones are: liquid paint (including acrylics, alkyds, polyesters, and others), powder coatings, anodizing, or electroplating.


Complex shapes can be realized in one-piece extruded aluminum sections without having to effect mechanical joining methods. The resultant profile typically is stronger than a comparable assemblage, less likely to leak or loosen over time. Applications are: baseball bats, refrigeration tubing and heat exchangers. Aluminum parts can be joined by welding, soldering, or brazing, as well as though use of adhesives, clips, bolts, rivets, or other fasteners. Integral joining methods may be especially useful for certain designs. Adhesive bonding is used for such jobs as the joining of aluminum aircraft components.


The tooling or forming parts (dies) are relatively inexpensive and can be made in a short time frame. The various types of tooling utilized can be changed quickly and often during production runs, this makes it cost effective for small production runs.

Recycled Aluminum

Historically, aluminum has proven to be one of the most important materials in successful recycling programs. Aluminum offers high scrap value, widespread consumer acceptance, and aluminum recycling enjoys significant industry support.

Aluminum can be recycled and reused over and over without losing any of its characteristics. There is no loss of quality in using recycled aluminum. The recycling of aluminum uses less energy and can offer substantial costs benefits. During many of the manufacturing processes involving aluminum there is scrap generated. This is usually returned to the smelters or casting facilities and reused to make the raw material again. Compared to the initial four pounds of ore to produce one pound of aluminum, every pound of recycled aluminum saves four pounds of ore.

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