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Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging Solutions

Aluminum outperforms all other metal materials, either because its properties and performance are superior, or because fabrication techniques allow the finished product to be manufactured at a competitive cost. Aluminum when used in sheet, coil or extruded form has a number of advantages over other metals and materials. Aluminium's use continues to grow and expand; markets such as food packaging, cosmetic packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and so on are beginning to recognize its truly unparalleled benefits.

Aluminum cosmetic bottles and cans have long been one of the most popular cosmetic packaging materials. The aluminum can has the unmistakable advantage of being both light and strong. It also eliminates the possibility of corrosion. The aluminum can ensures a diverse range of litographical printings as well as special shaping options for the finished product's best ornamental performance. Aluminum cosmetic bottles are a lightweight, low-cost container for your specific cosmetic products.

When it comes to cosmetics and personal care, you want to design a package that is both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. When selecting a package, you have several options to choose from, including durable aluminum spray bottles and aluminum pump bottles, aluminum aerosol cans, and our other aluminum container. Even special design options are available to give your sustainable packaging an elevated appearance. With a sustainable packaging solution from EVERFLARE, your product will stand out, turn heads, and pique the buyers' interest.

Who We Are

EVERFLARE Packaging is a leading aluminum cosmetic packaging manufacturer in China, providing innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to customers around the world, backed by scalable production and outstanding customer service. We have 100% recyclable aluminum packaging designed to meet the specific needs of your cosmetics and add value to your business, mainly including aluminum bottles, aluminum jars, aluminum cans, aluminum tubes, etc.


Incredible Numbers


More than 15 years experience in aluminium container packaging industry,exporting to more than 75 countries and regions in the world.

Product styles

EVERFLARE has an advanced and complete production line, as well as more than 300 kinds of shapes and molds to choose from.


recyclable aluminium

Aluminium is a recyclable metal and EVERFLARE's aluminium packaging is 100% recyclable

aluminum packaging for cosmetic

Your business as a personal care and cosmetics manufacturer is to make people more attractive. EVERFLARE is dedicated to making your brand look beautiful.

We recognize the importance of packaging as a sales tool. To be effective, it must stand out, capture people's attention, and pique their interest. EVERFLARE wants your packaging to be the first brand customers notice and remember. That is why so many well-known personal care and cosmetics companies rely on EVERFLARE for their unique packaging requirements in so many markets.

In the cosmetics and personal care industries, you want to create product packaging that is not only environmentally friendly but also visually appealing. We have several package options for you to choose from, including durable aluminum and laminated tubes, stylish aerosol cans, and our stunning aluminum bottles. There are even some unique design options to make your sustainable packaging stand out. EVERFLARE's custom and sustainable packaging solutions will help you stand out, attract, and excite buyers.

Our aluminium cosmetic packaging are ideal for:

Aroma massage gel roll
Baby oil
Hair treatment serum
Body oil
Body & hand wash cleaner
Condition shampoo
Fragrance spray
Hair pomade
Hair shampoo
Hand cream

Lip oil
Men hair wax
Men shaving
Mosquito repellent spray
Nail polish remove
Parfum hand cream
Shaving soap
Shower oil
Teeth oral spray

aluminum cosmetic bottle

Most of you have probably observed that aluminum cosmetic bottles are widely used in the modern cosmetics industry. Aluminum bottles are ideal cosmetic bottles because their premium seamless appearance adds a touch of class and elegance to your product line. Aluminum spray bottle and aluminum pump bottles are particularly popular makeup containers. Due to the absence of rust, they are safe for use in the bathroom. In addition to being lightweight and compact, the aluminum bottles are easy to carry in your pocket or purse. With their BPA-free and food-safe finish, our aluminum bottles are ideal cosmetic containers for lotions, creams, and oils. Additionally, the larger-sized models are ideal for shampoo and other bath and beauty products. These aluminum bottles are ideal if you're looking for a high-end cosmetic bottle with a premium finish and a sleek appearance.

Some of the aluminum cosmetic bottles we have done successfully: aluminum lotion bottle, aluminum perfume bottle, aluminum hand sanitizer bottle, aluminum essential oil bottle, aluminum essence bottle

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Aluminium aerosol cans

Aluminium aerosol cans guarantee high quality standards of product integrity and excellent barrier properties.

Suitable for all types of propellants and formulations.

Easy to store, aerosol cans allow safe handling throughout the supply chain.

Ideal for use in the personal and beauty care industry as well as professional hair styling and care

Aluminum dropper bottle

Aluminum pipette dropper bottles are similar to European style droppers in that they allow you to dispense product one drop at a time. The main difference, however, is the design of the distribution mechanism. Instead of a dropper inserted, these bottles have a squeeze cap with a glass straw to make the product easier to dispense. This type of bottle is often used to store essential oils, lotions, etc. If you are interested, you can check out our aluminum essential oil bottles.

Custom 1000ml Shampoo Body Wash aluminium Cosmetic bottles

Aluminum screw bottle

Our environmentally friendly, high-quality, and specialty aluminum threaded bottles are the answer when you need to create a premium image and stand out on the shelf with eye-popping graphics. The number of consumers looking for alternatives to plastic is growing, and 72 percent of those consumers say they are willing to pay more for beauty and personal care products packaged in an environmentally friendly manner. Our aluminium screw bottles are perfect for storing cosmetic products like baby oil, hand cream, perfume, bath oil and more.

aluminum cosmetic jar

EVERFLARE is the industry leader in the wholesale distribution of aluminum cosmetic containers.

Aluminum lip Balm Containers are currently one of the most effective forms of packaging available on the market. They are convenient to use, inexpensive, and maintain the freshness of the food for an extended period of time. In addition to this, they have Cream Jar properties that are antibacterial, which stop harmful bacteria from wreaking havoc on food. Around the world, it is common practice to package food in containers made of lip balm jars, soap tins, lip balm tins, and aluminum cosmetic containers. Do you want to purchase Cosmetic Containers made of Metal? You can purchase it right now from EVERFLARE!

Features of the Product

Because the material made of aluminum is completely resistant to light and moisture, it can be used to protect delicate foods while they are being cooked or while they are being stored. Aluminum foil containers are able to withstand the highest temperatures that can be reached during the cooking process because the foil is an excellent heat conductor. Recycling aluminum foil not only helps preserve the natural world, but it also allows for the recuperation of lost energy. These are our top picks:
Aluminum containers for cosmetics and toiletries
Round Aluminum Cosmetic Containers, Private Label Aluminum Containers, 150 ml Aluminum Cosmetic Cream Containers With Threaded Completely Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging Aluminium Cosmetic Packaging
Closures made of metal for jars made of glass and containers made of plastic round silver aluminum metal tin storage containers


Our Team With Best Aluminium Packaging Cosmetics Containers

We work hard to innovate products of unparallel quality and provide unparalleled customer satisfaction. The company is focused on the future with a proactive outlook. Additionally, its working methods and conservation of Earth's resources are to be balanced delicately.

Aluminium packaging for cosmetics, Standards and Regulations for Aluminium containers, Wholesale Aluminum Cosmetic Containers

All members of our organization are entrusted with the responsibility of enriching themselves as individuals and as members of a team while being guided by a set of integrity and accountability standards. We believe in offering Standards and Regulations for Aluminium containers in bulk. So, buy Aluminium Cosmetics Containers today!

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aluminum cosmetic tube

Soft aluminum tubes have a long history of serving as the preferred packaging material for items that are particularly delicate. This is because soft aluminum tubes are very lightweight. Aluminum tubes, despite the fact that they have been in existence for well over a century, continue to be subjects of fascination in today's culture.

Aluminum cosmetic tubes have a number of advantages, including the following:

1. It provides an excellent barrier against light.
2. It does not change the properties of the cosmetic (taste, color, perfume, or texture).
3. It prevents waste by allowing the product to be squeezed out completely.
4. The aluminum packaging is completely impervious to water.
5. Another benefit of aluminum is that it can be recycled indefinitely without altering the properties that made it unique.
6. Aluminum is not toxic and it is resistant to corrosion.

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