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Aluminium Canister

Other packaging materials may offer some of the advantageous properties of aluminum, but they cannot provide the full range of advantages that aluminum can packaging provides. Aluminum permits designers, engineers, and manufacturers to fully exploit a vast array of physical properties. It weighs less per volume than the vast majority of metals. In addition, aluminum is easier to manipulate and less costly to ship. Aluminum offers an unmatched combination of high strength, lighter weight, and corrosion resistance for all types of Al packaging, including custom aluminum canister and aluminum aerosol cans. Aluminum is also unparalleled in its ability to be shaped and decorated with exclusive shapes and formats that add value and distinction to brands and products.

Threaded aluminium cans are universal packages, suitable for all industries and applications. EVERFLARE Packaging’s aluminium cans package everything from spices to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, in a safe & stylish way. Our threaded can and screw cap, seen here in 50 mm x 64 mm (100 mL) size can be versatilely decorated with a base coat, up to 8 colours and an over lacquer (glossy, semi- or full matte). There’s a high a probability that we have the right can for your product.