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Why aluminum packaging bottles become the general trend

Product packaging is the overall name of containers, materials and auxiliary materials used according to certain technical methods in order to protect products during circulation, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales; it also refers to the use of containers, materials and auxiliary materials to achieve the above purposes In the process of imposing certain technical methods and other operational activities. Marketing packaging focuses on planning strategies and becomes packaging in a broad sense. It can also dress someone or something up or try to help him to be perfect in some way.

At present, in the accelerated upgrading and transformation of various industries, environmental protection construction has also begun. In addition to eliminating high energy consumption and high pollution products and switching to environmental protection equipment, packaging materials have also begun to strive to be streamlined and reusable. Aluminum packaging bottles, aluminum customized bottles came into being.

As a white light metal with abundant resources, aluminum is second only to steel in output, and its application in the packaging industry ranks first among non-ferrous metals. Aluminum is used as a packaging material, and aluminum plates, aluminum blocks, aluminum foils, and aluminized films are generally used.

➤Aluminum plate is usually used as can making material or lid making material;

➤Aluminum blocks are used to manufacture extruded and thinned and deep-drawn bottles and cans;

➤Aluminum foil is generally used as moisture-proof inner packaging or to make composite materials and hose packaging.

Performance characteristics of aluminum bottle cans


Aluminum packaging materials have excellent mechanical properties and high strength
Therefore, the aluminum packaging container can be made into a thin-walled, high compressive strength, and unbreakable packaging container. In this way, the safety of the packaged product is reliably guaranteed, and it is convenient for storage, carrying, transportation, loading and unloading and use.

Excellent processing performance of aluminum packaging materials
The processing technology is mature, and it can be produced continuously and automatically. Aluminum packaging materials have good ductility and strength, and can be rolled into sheets and foils of various thicknesses. Sheets can be stamped, rolled, stretched, and welded to make packaging containers of different shapes and sizes; foils can be combined with Plastic, low etc. are compounded, so the metal can give full play to its excellent and comprehensive protective performance in various forms.

Aluminum packaging materials have excellent comprehensive protection performance
Aluminum has a very low water vapor transmission rate and is completely opaque, which can effectively avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Its gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, light shading and fragrance retention properties greatly exceed other types of packaging materials such as plastics and paper. Therefore, the use of aluminum metal bottles can maintain the quality of the product for a long time, and the shelf life is long, which is especially important for food packaging.

Aluminum packaging materials have a special metallic luster
It is also easy to print and decorate, which can make the appearance of the product luxurious, beautiful and marketable. In addition, aluminum foil is an ideal trademark material.

Aluminum packaging materials are recyclable
In terms of environmental protection, it is an ideal green packaging material. As a packaging material, aluminum is generally made into aluminum plates, aluminum blocks, aluminum foils, and aluminized films. Aluminum plate is usually used as can making material or lid making material; aluminum block is used to make extruded and thinned and stretched cans; aluminum foil is generally used for moisture-proof inner packaging or composite materials and flexible packaging.


Post time: Dec-21-2022